How To Invest In Sports Cards

Learn how to invest in sports cards.


Thinking About Investing In Sports Cards?

This sports card investing guide will cover everything you need to know to get going – from figuring out what your old sports cards are worth to finding what new cards to buy and much more.

how to invest in sports cards
How to Invest in Sports Cards


Set a Sports Card Investing Budget

Without an investing budget, it’s rather easy to spend a lot more than you’re comfortable with. Before you get started investing in sports cards, make sure to set a healthy budget for the amount that you’re willing to spend on cards. We can help you figure out your ideal budget and where to go from there.

How to Invest in Sports Cards

Manage Goals and Expectations

Define Your Financial Goals 

What are you looking to accomplish, financially? Are you just looking to collect, or are you looking for a quick return or a return a few years down the road? 

Different financial goals might require different strategies. If you have some cash and you’re looking for a long term sports card investment, you’ll have a different strategy than if you’re looking to make money in the next few months.

How to Invest in Sports Cards


Create a Diverse Sports Card Portfolio

Sports cards that are long term investments require a different thought process and strategy than cards that are short term investments. In order to create the ideal portfolio you need to have a diverse collection, some cards for short term gains and some for long term gains across different sports and possibly outside of sports cards if you are comfortable with it.

how to invest in sports cards

It’s Not One Size Fits All

Create Your Own Sports Card Investing Strategy

In recent years we’ve seen some astronomical sports card auction sales that would case any eager investor to do a double take. Sports card investing has finally caught up with other collectibles markets. And just like the Marvel and DC universes that have brought the comic book industry and comic cons back to life, the sports card industry is now hitting full stride. We will help you navigate the growing sports card industry and create an investment plan tailored specifically to you.